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Quackling, the very small duck with a very loud quack
Storyteller: Adele Moss
This is a traditional French folktale in which a small creature with right on its side stands up to a bully.
This is a good story to tell with accompanying actions whenever certain words are mentioned which children will enjoy copying:
Ladder: hands climb up a ladder rung by rung.
River: flowing weaving movements with the hand.
Bees: Shoot out arms with finger pointed when stinging king.

We would like to thank Aaron Shepherd who is amongst the sources for this story. Other stories from Aaron can be seen at

Photo of the duck from a performance of Pumpkin Soup by Blunderbuss Theatre Company for The Srory Museum, based upon the picture book Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper.

Story map
Story text

Audio length: 9.29
themes adventure and opportunity
water and the sea
recommended age of listener from 5 years (KS1)
story origin northern and western europe
recommended age of listener
story origin
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