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The Story Museum
Pembroke Street

Telephone: 01865 790050 (Office hours 9am-5.30pm Mon-Fri)
Email: office@storymuseum.org.uk or e-mail us directly.
Carrier pigeon: please ask your pigeon to arrive at the shop. They will be given cake as a tip.

Are you an artist hoping to work with us on a project? E-mail Katharine.

Would you like to ask about volunteering or hiring our spaces? E-mail Jess.

Would you like to ask about interning/work experience? E-mail Sarah.


Mark Clay

Mark Clay, senior fundraiser

Katharine Clayden

Katharine Clayden, assistant to the directors

Jessica Corfield toddler pic

Jessica Corfield, volunteer & venue hire coordinator

A baby photo of Tish Francis, co-director

Tish Francis, co-director

A baby photo of Sarah Fussell, operations manager

Sarah Fussell, head of operations

David Gibb as child

David Gibb, marketing officer

Mark Hathaway photo

Mark Hathaway, finance officer

A baby photo of Sophie Hiscock, campaign manager

Sophie Hiscock, head of fundraising & communications

Headshot: Cath Hogan, learning and participation officer

Cath Hogan, learning officer

Caroline Jones baby picture

Caroline Jones, executive director

Isabella Mead baby picture

Isabella Mead, head of learning & participation

Ruby Livesey

Ruby Livesey, front of house manager

head silhouette

Lisa Mitchell, head of exhibitions & story collections

A baby photo of Kim Pickin, co-director

Kim Pickin, associate curator & founder director

A baby photo of Maria Quantrill, head of finance

Maria Quantrill, finance manager