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Telephone: 01865 790050 (Office hours 9am-5.30pm Mon-Fri)
Email: or e-mail us directly.
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Are you an artist hoping to work with us on a project? E-mail Honor.

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Mark Clay

Mark Clay, senior fundraiser

A baby photo of Honor Dawkins-Stean, assistant to the directors

Honor Dawkins-Stean, assistant to the directors and events coordinator

A baby photo of Tish Francis, co-director

Tish Francis, co-director

A baby photo of Sarah Fussell, operations manager

Sarah Fussell, operations manager

David Gibb as child

David Gibb, marketing officer

Mark Hathaway photo

Mark Hathaway, finance officer

A baby photo of Sophie Hiscock, campaign manager

Sophie Hiscock, head of fundraising & communications

Headshot: Cath Hogan, learning and participation officer

Cath Hogan, learning officer

william hunter website picture

William Hunter, story guide

Caroline Jones baby picture

Caroline Jones, executive director


Anya Jung, deputy front of house manager

Isabella Mead baby picture

Isabella Mead, head of learning & participation

A baby photo of Kim Pickin, co-director

Kim Pickin, co-director

A baby photo of Maria Quantrill, head of finance

Maria Quantrill, finance manager

Duncan Saunders, front of house and retail manager

Duncan Saunders, front of house and retail manager

Sophie Slade baby photo

Sophie Slade, project curator

Ruiting Song

Ruiting Song, story guide

Micaela Tuckwell

Micaela Tuckwell, fundraising and campaign officer

Martha Williams baby photo

Martha Williams, heritage consultation coordinator