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Insects Through The Looking Glass


Opens 16 June, 2018

We are celebrating National Insect Week with a special exhibition all about the six-legged stars from your favourite stories! With magnifying glass in hand, YOU can be the explorer, journeying through the past 150 years to discover how insects have inspired incredible tales such as Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl, and Beetle Boy by M. G. Leonard.

With gigantic illustrations, real insect specimens, and interactive models, both children and adults can uncover the surprising amount the authors teach us about the biology of these fascinating creatures and why they are so important to us. From pollinating our crops to ensuring we don’t get buried in dung, insects really are the little things that run the world.

Organised by the Royal Entomological Society in collaboration with the Story Museum, this exciting exhibition will also host a range of incredible entomological events including a live book reading by M. G. Leonard and a chance to get up close and personal during our insect handling bug bonanza. Sign up online today to avoid missing out on what is certain to be a wonderful celebration of incredible insects!

Visit www.nationalinsectweek.co.uk to find more about insects and events near you!