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Half Term Happenings!

Saturday 21st October - Sunday 29th October


About the event

Join us this October Half Term for a packed programme of events and workshops.

Saturday 21 October

Owl Service Day


A celebration of Alan Garner’s Carnegie medal winning classic book. Meet real owls and find more about this retelling of a legendary Welsh tale.

Nick Cope’s Song Book

£5 per person, ages 0-6

Monkeys, bears, socks and mud! Nick Cope sings about everything children are REALLY interested in, and you’re invited to join in!

Tuesday 24 October

I Want to be in A Scary Story

14:00 – 15:00
£7/£5 per person, ages 5+

Put your scariest Halloween costume on and join master storyteller and bestselling author Sean Taylor for a spoooooky event, including creepy riddles (What do you call a monster with no neck? The lost-neck monster!), strange poems, and creating your very own scary poem with Sean!

Wednesday 25 October

Climb That Tree

14:00 – 15:00
£7/£5 per person, ages 5+

Join song writer David Gibb on a musical journey through his hilarious and often surreal imagination, where bears live in the cupboard under the stairs, wolves are roaming the corridors at school, and trips to the moon are a regular occurrence.

Thursday 26 October

Bogey Man Sime Workshop

11:00-12:00 & 14:00-15:00
£7/£5 per person, ages 5-8

A gloopy Bogeyman mess-fest for children and adults who enjoy all things sticky, slimy and strange… Listen to the story of The Bogeyman and then discover the secret to making the perfect slime. In this fun family workshop from Science Oxford, children and parents work together to investigate this oozy, gunky super-stretchy liquid and make their own slime to take home.

Friday 27 October

Create Your Own Spooky House

£7/£5 per person, ages 10+

Author and illustrator Pam Smy looks at how important a story’s setting can be in creating atmosphere. Learn about how to create a spooky building and make your own scary diorama in this fun and engaging workshop

You Choose in Space

£7/£5 per person, ages 3+

In this very special event Nick will be introducing You Choose In Space, the latest book in the million-selling You Choose series. We’ll be travelling to Planet Pick-and-Mix to encounter friendly aliens, awesome animals and funny food. There’ll be drawing, games and lots of outer space silliness – and you could always come dressed as an astronaut or space alien!

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