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Milk and Teeth – Women at war, and in peace


Thursday 21st June - Thursday 21st June

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About the event

A journey through the women of Indian and Greek mythology with master storyteller Vayu Naidu.

Women in the epics who have killed iconic warriors, either by word or sword, are considered monstrous; regarded  women scorned.Rarely in telling do we hear the story why. I have selected stories from Indic and Greek epics and myths where women are known to shape-shift from mischievous maidens to Monsters. While some of these are dark tales, they possess the dynamic energy and versatility that women possess combining a range of emotions. Clytemnestra, Amba, Kunti and Psyche are a few who reveal why. They are seductive with multiple arms bearing domestic bliss; sugar cane, milk among others. But they also have teeth like claws. We often forget that when a peasant loses a child, is betrayed by the next harvest, who else do they go to vent their rage? The old stories.

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