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1001 Stories Collection

Donkey Delight

Added on 26th June 2020

Oral tradition Croatian folktale

A Croatian folk tale in which the deserving heroine is rewarded.


A good hearted girl must do all the chores while her lazy step sister is spoilt. When one day she loses her pail the girl meets two strange creatures who reward her for being generous and hard working. Sent by her mother to seek the same good fortune the step sister is punished for her laziness and pride

Why we chose it

Cinderella type stories are popular all over the world. Donkey Delight was one of the stories in our original audio collection. These stories are particularly suitable for learning to retell.

Where it came from

Adele Moss who told the story for our collection, tells of hearing it at a festival told by a Croatian storyteller, Jasna Held,

who told it and other stories to children sheltering from the bombing in Dubrovnik .

Associated stories

There are many stories from all oral traditions where good hearted, down trodden girls are rewarded while their lazy, proud stepsisters are punished. Examples include Chinye from Africa and Old Father Frost from Russia

Listen to the story on our website told by storyteller Adele Moss.

Added on 26th June 2020

Oral tradition Croatian folktale