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1001 Stories Collection

Final Fantasy

1001 Final Fantasy
Added on 14th August 2020

Creator Square
First released 1987

One of the most successful and influential role playing video games.


The inhabitants of the world have lost all hope as their world is consumed by evil. However, they believe in a prophecy in which you and three other Warriors of Life will set out to save their world from the clutches of an evil lord! You set out to travel the land on a quest to restore light to the four elemental orbs in order to save your world from an ancient evil. On your quest, you run into the elemental fiends, meet elves, giants and mermaids, help a witch and have many other incredible voyages.

Why we chose it

Final Fantasy is one of the most successful games in existence, proving its longevity with many sequels and spin-off games. It remains one of the most influential early console role-playing games and played an important role in popularising and legitimising the genre. The series has been praised for its deep and engaging storylines, coverage of a diverse class system and epic quests.

Where it came from

Final Fantasy was created as a last-ditch effort by Square who couldn't afford to take risks and had little money. It’s creator Hironobu Sakaguchi had intended to make a role-playing game (RPG) for a long time, but his employer Square refused to give him permission as they anticipated low sales. However, when Dragon Quest was released and proved successful, the company decided to change their stance. Final Fantasy was developed by a team of only seven core staff members who were referred to as the ‘’ A-Team’’. The lack of faith in the team by their superiors motivated the staff members to give their best effort in the creation of the game.

Where it went next

There have been a number of spin offs in manga, novels and audio and radio dramas.

Associated stories

The Mana series was also developed by Square.

Added on 14th August 2020

Creator Square
First released 1987