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1001 Stories Collection

The Bird in the Forest or The Brave Little Parrot

Added on 25th June 2020

Oral tradition Indian fable

A Jataka Tale for all ages to show that even the smallest of creatures can have the biggest of hearts.


A tiny bird tries to save her forest home from fire. One of the gods is impressed by her bravery and his tears of compassion help to put out the flames.

Why we chose it

It is a story of bravery and determination against the odds.

Where it came from

This is one of the Jataka tales. The Jataka tales are a collection of fables and stories about the future Buddha and are part of the canon of Buddhist literature. They are dated between 300 and 400AD.

Associated stories

Other Jataka tales include The Monkey’s Heart, The Talkative Turtle, The Hare in the Moon and The Monkey and the Mango.

Added on 25th June 2020

Oral tradition Indian fable