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The Voyage of the Ever After, 2017

Click here to visit the Ever After blog and read the story of the voyage.

In February 2017 The Story Museum dispatched the Ever After, its fantastical Story Craft, on a mission to collect the 1001 greatest stories and the treasures they contain. Tales from other times and other places. Told in person, on paper and on screen.

Our crew of authors and artists, captained by Nicolette Jones, asked online readers of the Ship’s blog to make suggestions as to where the Ever After should go and what it should bring back. Meanwhile in The Story Museum itself, the Control Room of the Ever After, gave visitors to the Museum the chance to record, type and film their favourite stories to provide their suggestions for how the Museum should shape and build a story collection that will enrich young lives for generations to come.

The Ever After crew were Nicolette Jones, Katherine Rundell, Joseph Coelho, Anna Conomos, Katy Riddell, Steven Butler.

To read the crew’s online blog visit –