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Story Museum Performance Dec2020 009

A new exciting five-episode audio production for families and schools...

Produced in collaboration with Renata Allen and Little Seeds Music as part of National Storytelling Week 2021.

Follow the fortunes of songwriter David after his band’s tour is cancelled and he’s forced to return to the family nest. As David and his mum learn to live together through lockdown, they reminisce about David’s childhood dreams and hopes, sharing a series of traditional tales along the way through music, song and storytelling.

Written and performed by award-winning writer Renata Allen and songwriter and musician David Gibb, Suddenly A Star weaves a galaxy of stories stretching back through time to the present day that’s guaranteed to leave you with music in your heart and stars in your eyes.

Presented over 5 days throughout National Storytelling Week (1st – 5th Feb) each episode is accompanied by a free learning resource for creative lesson plan ideas, for use in both the classroom or at home, created by The Story Museum’s Learning Team.

Story Museum Performance Dec2020 003

Listen to the audio series on our Soundcloud for free

Download the free learning resources for each episode

  • Suddenly A Star episode 1 Resources PDF (1.443 MB)
  • Suddenly A Star episode 2 resources PDF (2.036 MB)
  • Suddenly A Star episode 3 resources PDF (3.317 MB)
  • Suddenly A Star episode 4 resources PDF (3.029 MB)
  • Suddenly A Star episode 5 resources PDF (1.406 MB)