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The New Adventure of Mr Toad

Thursday 15th June

Tom Moorhouse: The New Adventures of Mr Toad

Defrosted and dangerous, and with the help of his new friends, Mr Toad is back to do battle with the weasels!

Date and time: Wednesday 19 April, 14:00 – 15:00

Venue: The Story Museum, Pembroke Street, Oxford, OX1 1BP

Price and age: £7/£5, ages 6+

Event link: http://www.storymuseum.org.uk/whats-on/new-adventures-mr-toad-race-toad-hall/

Mr Toad is back to do battle with the weasels. Tom Moorhouse, author and ecologist at Oxford University’s Zoology Department talks about updating a children’s classic in this fun and interactive family event.

Teejay (which stands for Toad Junior), Mo and Ratty are exploring the ruined grounds of Toad Hall. After falling into a tunnel they discover something . . . someone in the ice house. It turns out to be Mr Toad and the children have found him in the nick of time: Wildwood Industrious (the shady operation run by the descendants of the Stoats and Weasels) is on the brink of claiming legal ownership of Toad Hall!

Tom will get you thinking about storytelling and writing: what stayed the same, and what might have changed since Mr Toad’s first outing in 1908.

Tom Moorhouse: The New Adventures of Mr Toad takes place on the 19 April at 14:00. Tickets are £7/£5 and can be bought at www.ticketsoxford.co.uk or by calling the ticket office on 01865 305305. The event is suitable for ages 6+.


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