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Schools & Groups

In-school and Online Sessions

We are offering storytelling both in-school and online led by our Learning Team of experienced primary and secondary teachers. To book or make an enquiry, please email or call us on 01865 790050.

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Our current offer

The Story Leader will tell traditional oral stories from around the world, and use these as a stimulus for children to create stories of their own. Choose from the three strands for our Stories for Emotional Healing: Dreamers, Tricksters, and Shapeshifters

  • Dreamers: Stories for wellbeing – stories reflecting the five ways to wellbeing (connect, take notice, stay active, keep learning, give)
  • Tricksters: Stories on philosophy for children – stories that lead children to discuss deep ideas, big questions, and work out puzzles
  • Shapeshifters: Stories for escapism – no messages, no morals, just pure silliness and laughter

We are happy to shape the content of the session to the themes of your creative curriculum or your scheme of work.

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The storyteller can spend a half day with one class in which they develop a story together in detail, or rotate classes with short 30 minute sessions of storytelling. The Learning Team are also happy to discuss any adaptations to your school’s circumstances and health and safety protocols, as well as online sessions.

£260 for a half day + VAT + Travel
£400 for a full day + VAT + Travel

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The storyteller can tell two stories at the beginning of the day and set a task with accompanying resources. They can then check back in – at the end of the lesson, end of the day, or end of the week - to hear the students’ creations and give a final story.

One class: £95+VAT for 30-minute launch storytelling, resources, and second 30-minute storytelling session
Two classes: £115+VAT for 2 x the above
Three classes: £130+VAT for 3x the above
Four classes: £140+VAT for 4x the above
Five classes: £145+VAT for 5x the above

“Each teacher said how engaged their children were with your storytelling – some were hanging off your every word! Your use of props inspired some children to incorporate them into their stories. There was great discussion around the characters and what they might be up to. We were so appreciative that we couldn’t find anything to improve on!” – Teacher, Zoom storytelling session, March 2021

Coming soon...

The offers below are our standard offers, however, we are not currently taking bookings for them during the coronavirus pandemic. We hope to bring them back soon!

The Pumpkin

For Early Years to Key Stage 3
The Pumpkin is a custom-made bell tent, complete with Tolkien-inspired canopy, which can be installed on a grass space within your school grounds where it will transform into a world of dragon stories.

Interactive Exhibitions

For Key Stages 1-3
Let our interactive exhibitions bring stories to life in your classroom. Tumble down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland or find your way through the maze with Theseus and The Minotaur.

Museum Maker

For Years 7-13
Students will find out how The Story Museum designers create immersive narrative environments and then design their own Story Museum gallery space based on a class story they know well.

"The students were asking us not to go on a break so that they could finish their poems." - Headteacher, Saint Christopher's School