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Schools & Groups

Outreach Visits

Have The Story Museum come to your school and bring stories to life in the classroom.

Whether it’s our pop-up story tent, interactive touring exhibitions or engaging workshops led by our Learning Team, your students will be immersed in the magic of story and inspired to make stories of their own.

The Pumpkin

For Early Years to Key Stage 3
The Pumpkin is a custom-made bell tent, complete with Tolkien-inspired canopy, which can be installed on a grass space within your school grounds where it will transform into a world of dragon stories.

Interactive Exhibitions

For Key Stages 1-3
Let our interactive exhibitions bring stories to life in your classroom. Tumble down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland or find your way through the maze with Theseus and The Minotaur.

World Storytelling

For Early Years to Key Stage 2
Join in with stories from around the world, take part in interactive activities and use these as a stimulus for the students to create stories of their own.

Museum Maker

For year 7-13
Students will find out how The Story Museum designers create immersive narrative environments and then design their own Story Museum gallery space based on a class story they know well.

“The students were asking us not to go on break so that they could finish their poems!” Headteacher, St Christopher's School

Further information

  • World Story Telling 2020 PDF (391.651 KB)
  • Museum Maker 2020 PDF (394.198 KB)
  • Interactive Exhibitions 2020 PDF (404.131 KB)
  • Pumpkin Info Pack for schools 2020 PDF (7.22 MB)