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World storytelling

Interactive story telling

World Storytelling

Early Years to Key Stage Two

Join in with stories from around the world, take part in interactive activities related to the themes, and be inspired to make your own animal story using the same structure.

Sessions can last from 30 to 60 minutes, repeated for several classes.

Animals dare to dream. Listen how so, through tales such as How the Coyote Stole Fire (Canada), How the Kangaroo Got her Pouch (Australia), and the Turtle who Wanted to Fly (Africa). Mix and match some unexpected animals and aspirations into a new story about wishes.

Discover how wily world creatures outwit their opponents, including Anansi the Spider (African), The Monkey and the Crocodile (India) and Tiddalick the Frog (Australia). Then use this as inspiration to make your own trickster tale.

What animal would you like to be able to change into at will to escape desperate situations? This session is based upon intriguing tales of multiple shape-shifters, including a witch who becomes an eagle (Wales), a Gull Girl (Siberia) and stories of mysterious selkies (Scotland). Afterwards you will create your own shape-shifter yarn.

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