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The Day I Fell Into A Book

Tuesday 16 – Saturday 27 October
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Welcome to The Institute. We conduct experiments into the power of imaginations. We want to know what happens to your mind when you read.
We want to get inside your heads. It is all perfectly safe. Trust us.

The Day I Fell Into A Book is an immersive storytelling adventure for families and school groups that explores the magic of reading and the vitality of young imaginations. Using binaural sound recordings, intricate lighting technology and projection, the audience is taken into a lost world of classic tales. The stories seep into the room and come alive all around us as we venture further into the deep recesses of our minds.

Suitable for 8-12-year-olds and their families.

Running Time: 50 minutes no interval

A 3 dimensional sound and theatre experience for everyone who loves myths, legends and reading.

Please note that this event requires each audience member to be able to read confidently and sit still and independently with a pair of headphones on. Don’t forget your reading glasses!