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What's On

Story Explorers: Gods & Monsters

Gods summer course

A week-long summer course for children aged 8-12, with games and activities, led by our learning team and guest professional artists. Book all 5 days for the discounted price of £185 or book individual days for £38 per day.

From giants and dwarves, minotaurs and dragons our Gods and Monsters workshop week will stir your imagination! Learn how to draw mythical creatures, make an amazing monster mask and create a monstrous play in a day with our brilliant guest artists and learning team.

Give your summer holidays a story boost with one of our Story Explorer Holiday courses - perfect for budding artists, performers and storytellers! Each week explores a different story theme with exciting workshops led by our learning team and guest professional artists. You’ll get to explore the Museum spaces including the Magic Common Room, play plenty of games and take part in a range of creative activities.

By taking part in a full five-day course, you can earn yourself a Discover Arts Award. (And if you already have the Discover Arts Award and would like to do a Level 2 Explore Arts Award, or even Bronze, then please get in touch.) Individual days can also be booked on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

For ages 8-12.

The course day runs from 10:00 - 16:00


Monday 2 August - Gods of the Air: From Thor of Thunder to Nyame of the Sky
In this day workshop, you will join in with story tellings of Thor and the trickster Loki, and of Nyame and the trickster spider Anansi. You will create your own powerful Gods and make your own Gods Top Trumps. Will you be God of Premier League Football? God of Fidget Spinners? Or maybe the Goddess of Salt and Vinegar Crisps?

Tuesday 3 August - Monsters of the Earth: From Grendel to the Golem

Today your Story Leaders will introduce you to fantastic monsters, including Dragons from Wales, the fearsome Grendel and the intriguing Golem. You will get creative conjuring your own monsters from light and air with super Silver Arts Award champion Henry Whiteway. You’ll also clay model your own monster to take home.

Wednesday 4 August - Monsters of the Deep: From Ursula the Sea Witch to The Kraken

Today you will draw mysterious underwater creatures with awesome illustrator Karin Littlewood, creator of ‘Sea Horse.’ Your Story Leaders will introduce you to the Real un-Disneyfied version of the Little Mermaid, as well as the fearsome Kraken and the mysterious Loch Ness Monster. You will tell your own stories and invent your own underwater monsters – with games, role play and a few bubble-wands!

Thursday 5 August - Gods and Monsters of Ancient Greece: From Medusa to Zeus
Today you will meet writer and Greek Gods extraordinaire Ash Bond for a creative writing workshop. In the afternoon explore wonderful stories from Ancient Greece, featuring Medusa who had snakes for hair, Cerberus the three-headed dog guarding hell….. and you’ll make your own Minotaur labyrinth

Friday 6 August - Gods and Monsters Drama Blast

Today you will work with the Story Leaders to identify your very favourites of the Gods and Monsters stories. You will then put on a play in a day acting out your own spin on a Gods and Monsters story.