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Wings, Antennae, and Stings: Tolkien’s Creepy Crawlies with Dr Dimitra Fimi


Saturday 23rd June - Saturday 23rd June

Dr Fimi and her book
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Wings, Antennae, and Stings: Tolkien’s Creepy Crawlies – We all remember Tolkien’s oversize arachnoids: the spiders of Mirkwood, the terrifying Shelob, and the primevally evil Ungoliant. But did you know that Tolkien’s early poems show the tell-tale signs of Victorian entomology, and feature tiny, insect-like fairies (rather his later awe-inspiring Elves)? Join Dr Dimitra Fimi for a talk exploring Tolkien’s mini-beasts and giant insects, from his early work, to his best-loved novels, and from spiders, bumble-bees and butterflies to invented bugs like “hummerhorns” and “nekerbreekers”! Part of National Insect Week exhibition supported by the Royal Entomological Society.
Suitable for ages 14+. 

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