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Teatro Vivo bring Adventures in Wonderland to The Story Museum. 25 June 2013.

Thursday 27th June

Adventures in Wonderland, Teatro Vivo’s imaginative and interactive promenade performance of Lewis Carroll’s Alice books, will be in Oxford from 3-7 July.

A sell-out success at the 2012 Greenwich Children’s Festival, this curiouser and curiouser interactive journey comes to life in the atmospheric spaces of The Story Museum. There is no Alice in the production – the audience themselves are the ones to fall down the rabbit hole. They will follow the cast around the building to discover scenes, riddles and installations relating to Alice’s adventure.

Everyone is invited to become a part of the Wonderland resistance, run your own Caucus Race, and help Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum prepare for the battle of their lives. Explore the darker world of Lewis Carroll’s imagination, and encounter some of his less well-known characters: meet the oyster who gets eaten by the walrus – and you might end up being eaten for dinner yourself…

Victors can participate as much or as little as they like, and tea will be served.

This is a rare opportunity to step inside Oxford’s new centre of story in the making, and to become part of a unique and exciting show.

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Photo opportunity

On Tuesday 2 July, Teatro Vivo will be rehearsing, and there’s an opportunity for a pre-production photo to flag up Alice’s Day on the Saturday. Contact:

Cath Nightingale: cath@storymuseum.org.uk – 01865 790060 or 07798 665629
Alexandra Coke: alex@storymuseum.org.uk – 01865 790050


Wednesday 3 July at 7pm – £12 (£10)
Thursday 4 July at 1pm – £10 (£8)
Thursday 4 July at 7pm- £12 (£10)
Friday 5 July July at 11am- £10 (£8)
Friday 5 July July at 6pm – £12 (£10)
Saturday 6 July at 7pm – £12 (£10)
Sunday 7 July at 11am – £12 (£10)
Sunday 7 July at 4pm – £12 (£10)

About Teatro Vivo

Teatro Vivo is a theatre company of professional directors, writers, musicians and actors who create high quality performance pieces that work in direct collaboration with the spaces that they use, and in so doing, introduce audiences to the possibilities of what theatre can be. www.teatrovivo.co.uk

Previous work includes:
The Odyssey,  Supermarket Shakespeare, and Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters.
Praise for Adventures in Wonderland:
“The Queen’s croquet match is a hoot, as is the Mad Hatter’s tea party, while Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee will have you rhyming nonsense for the rest of the evening.” – Newsshopper

The Story Museum is a charity and non-profit company that works to celebrate and demonstrate the power of stories to inspire learning, especially for the young. It takes story performances, exhibitions, activities and ideas to schools and communities and is creating a magical new world centre of children’s literature and storytelling in the heart of Oxford. The first phase – ‘Chapter 1’ – will open in Spring 2014. www.storymuseum.org.uk

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