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Explore the Museum

Discover our magical museum for all ages. Reopening 2020

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Small Worlds

Welcome to a patchwork land of picture books, nursery rhymes and traditional tales for the very young.

City of Stories

Board our fantastical Story Craft and fly through a thousand years of Oxford’s story history, from ancient myths and legends to classics of children’s literature enjoyed across the world.

The Portal

Begin your adventure in the Portal, our information bureau for travellers between story worlds. Here our friendly Story Guides will help you plan your journey through the fictional universe.

Coming Soon

The Whispering Wood

Enter a mysterious indoor forest where every tree has a story to tell and a secret to reveal.

Coming Soon

The Enchanted Library

Experience a library like no other. Where else can you wander between the shelves and find yourself inside a story?

Coming Soon

The Treasure Chamber

Our exciting new exhibition space will host touring exhibitions and visiting treasures.

Coming Soon

The Woodshed

The Story Museum’s studio theatre allows audiences of all ages to experience the pleasure of story and the power of live performance.

The Cafe


Discover and explore The Story Museum’s collection online.

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