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1001 Stories Collection

Search our collection of 1001 great stories from different times and places.

Welcome to 1001 great stories, carefully chosen with the help of our audiences and advisors.

  • Stories from different times and places
  • Stories for different age groups and interests
  • Stories in many forms - traditional tales, rhymes, songs, plays, musicals, books, comics, TV programmes, films, games and more…
  • 1001 great stories to grow up with. (That’s roughly 1 a week for 19 years!)

Search by origin, age group, theme, story form, exhibition, key word or title to find brief information about each of the stories and discover free resources including -

  • recordings of traditional tales, with transcripts and story maps to help you retell them
  • interviews, extracts, illustrations and photographs
  • photos of objects from our exhibitions and ever-growing collection
  • learning resources and links.

To see full credits for the 1001 Stories projects please click here.

Do you have a suggestion for the collection?

We welcome your comments on the 1001 Stories site and suggestions for making it better.

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