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Here Be Dragons co-curated by Cressida Cowell and Toothless - opens 13 July. Admission included with ticket to the Galleries

1001 Stories Collection

Search our collection of 1001 great stories from different times and places.

Welcome to The 1001, a collection of great stories to grow up with, carefully chosen with the help of our audiences and advisors.

The 1001 is a concept rather than a concrete number. 1001 is a story inspired number which is large enough to encapsulate a huge range of stories.

Search by theme, story form, exhibition or key word to find information about each of the stories:

  • Stories from different times and places
  • Stories for different age groups and interests
  • Stories in many forms

Find recordings of traditional tales, some with learning resources to help you retell them.

Do you have a suggestion for the collection?

We welcome your comments on the 1001 Stories site and suggestions for making it better.

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