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Make a Donation

The Story Museum is a registered charity (no. 1107809). We rely on donations to maintain our creative learning programmes, build our collection of stories, keep our Museum running and produce a series of affordable, exciting and inspirational events.

How can you help?

You can make a gift online by clicking on the donate box above or by calling our fundraising team on 01865 790050.

You can raise money on behalf of The Story Museum. Host a 24-hour sponsored bedtime story, arrange a book raffle at school, do a sponsored run dressed as your favourite story character. Contact our Campaign Assistant for more ideas and to ask about details of linking to our Just Giving page.

Your business can support us through sponsorship or membership. Many Oxford-based companies have donated money, services and goods in kind, as well as volunteering time to support our cause. Engaging with us in this way not only provides vital support that has a positive impact on thousands of local people, it can also align with your own corporate objectives – and in a tax-efficient way! Visit our Corporate Engagement page to find out more.

Volunteer your time and skill. The Story Museum engages many volunteers, from our own Board of Trustees to the visitor services assistants in our galleries. We also gain a huge amount from the expertise that our volunteer advisors contribute in all areas of our organisation, from financial strategy to exhibition making. Visit our Volunteer page to find out more.

However you decide to help, you will become part of our treasured donor and volunteer community. Visit our Friends & Supporters page to find out more about individuals and organisations who have helped us along the way.

If you have any questions about making a donation or any aspect of fundraising at The Story Museum, email

Find out more

Visit the About Us

section which includes links to recent Annual Report and Accounts.

Evaluation reports on some of our targeted projects can be found in the

resources section our our Projects and Partnerships page.

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