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1001 Stories Collection

A Bear Called Paddington

1001 Paddington
Added on 11th June 2020

Author Michael Bond
First published 1958
Publisher Harper Collins, London, UK

The first book in a series about a small bear from Darkest Peru who struggles to adjust to living in London, with often comical results.


When the Brown family find a very friendly and polite bear at Paddington Station with a note saying ‘Please Look After This Bear. Thank You’, they decide to take him home. They soon discover that the simplest things, like taking a bath, or going on the London Underground, become extraordinary when a small bear is involved.

Why we chose it

One of the best loved children’s characters ever created. Known for his love of marmalade sandwiches and his iconic blue duffle coat, Paddington’s politeness and optimism are as much loved by children today as they were by their parents.

Where it came from

On Christmas Eve 1956 Michael Bond spotted a small bear glove-puppet sat alone on a shelf in Selfridges. He felt so sorry for it that he bought it and took it home as a present for his first wife, Brenda. He called the bear Paddington because he’d always wanted to use the name. Soon after he began writing stories about a bear called Paddington.

Where it went next

Paddington Bear became a much-loved character across the world. Michael Bond went on to write over twenty more Paddington. In 2000 a bronze sculpture was placed in Paddington Station, marking the spot where the bear was found by the Browns.

There have been two hugely successful Warner Bros. films featuring Paddington Bear, Paddington (2014) and Paddington 2 (2017).

Associated stories

Michael Bond went on to write many other children’s books. Two other charming children’s series are, Olga da Polga, which features a Guinea Pig who likes telling tall tales, and A Mouse Called Thursday about a family of mice who live in an organ loft cupboard.

Added on 11th June 2020

Author Michael Bond
First published 1958
Publisher Harper Collins, London, UK