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1001 Balamory
Added on 30th July 2020

Creator Brian Jameson
First shown 2002, CBBC Scotland, CBeebies

Problems are solved with the help of the colourful residents of colourful Balamory.


The series follows the day to day lives of the inhabitants of Balamory. Characters include Archie the Inventor, PC Plum, Miss Hoolie the nursery teacher, Penny Pocket and Susie Sweet the shopkeepers, Spencer the painter, Edie McCredie the bus driver and Josie Jump the fitness fanatic. Each character has their own song and wears a distinctive colour – which matches the distinctive colour of their brightly coloured house. Each episode starts with Miss Hoolie and the nursery school children. One of the other characters arrives with a problem and throughout the episode they visit other Balamory residents who may be able to help. At the end of the episode the problem is solved.

Why we chose it

Made at a time when pre-school television was dominated by puppets, Balamory featured real people doing recognisable jobs. Children loved the colourful characters and recognisable songs

Where it came from

It was developed to provide an alternative to the growing number of shows which had puppet or costumed main characters. Brian Jameson wanted a show about real people – he frequently called it a soap opera for children.

Where it went next

BAFTA winning Balamory was shown across the world – even the Pope was said to be a fan.

A successful stage show Balamory What’s the Story toured in 2004 and a farewell tour Balamory Live: Strike up the Band followed the television show’s cancellation in 2005.

Balamory was filmed in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull and the island was visited by thousands of fans wanting to see the street of brightly coloured houses and identify the homes of their favourites.

Although no new episodes are being made Balamory is still popular on DVD.

Associated stories

Other children’s programmes produced by CBBC Scotland include Down on the Farm (2015-), Shoebox Zoo (2004-5), and The Singing Kettle (1989-93).

Added on 30th July 2020

Creator Brian Jameson
First shown 2002, CBBC Scotland, CBeebies