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1001 Banana
Added on 30th July 2020

Author Ed Vere
First published 2007
Publisher Puffin

A banana and two monkeys, two simple words and brightly coloured cartoon pictures tell a compelling story toddlers - and their parents - will recognise.


Using only two words this picture book explores desire, sharing and good manners.

Why we chose it

A great example of words and illustrations working together to tell a compelling story. A great story to read to toddlers - who may themselves have some difficulty with sharing and saying please.

Where it came from

Ed Vere has enjoyed drawing since he was a child, he chose drawing above farming. Inspired by Jan Pieńkowski he decided that playing for a living was possible. He believes that in picture books the writing and the pictures do equal work. He starts all his books with characters who he draws first. The right characters suggests a world and then the story comes after that.

Where it went next

Banana was shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal in 2008. Ed Vere’s books have been shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize (Bedtime for Monsters) and the Kate Greenaway medal (Max the Brave and How to be a Lion) as well as being included in the Times 100 Modern Children’s Classics (Max the Brave). Mr Big has also been included in Book Trust packs, achieved the biggest publication run of any picture book and even appeared on stage.

Associated stories

Ed Vere has created other memorable characters in his Max series, starting with Max the Brave, (published in 2014 by Puffin), his most celebrated work Mr Big published in 2008 by Puffin

And most recently How to Be a Lion published in 2018 by Penguin Random House.

Added on 30th July 2020

Author Ed Vere
First published 2007
Publisher Puffin