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1001 Stories Collection

Code Name Verity

1001 Code Name Verity
Added on 29th July 2020

Author Elizabeth Wein
First published 2012
Publisher Egmont Press, London, UK

A gripping Young Adult historical novel set during World War II.


‘Verity’ is captured by the Gestapo and writes her confession on whatever paper she can find – while she is writing she can stay alive. She tells of her friendship with her pilot Maddie and of how they came to be in France.

Why we chose it

A compelling, sometimes shocking, often heartbreaking, story of wartime. The plot unfolds like a puzzle keeping readers guessing until the very end.

Where it came from

Elizabeth Wein is a pilot herself and book started with her wanting to find out what a pilot like her might have done in WW2. This led her to the Air Transport Auxiliary where women worked throughout the war transferring plans from air base to air base. She then added a Special Operations Executive agent, again an unusual and challenging role for a woman in war.

Where it went next

The novel received critical acclaim and in 2013, it was awarded a UK Literary Association Award and shortlisted for the CILIP Carnegie Award in the UK while in America it won an Edgar Award and was designated a Michael L. Printz Award Honor Book.

Associated stories

Rose Under Fire (2013) is again about an ATA pilot, who is captured and taken to Ravensbruck the women’s concentration camp. The Pearl Thief tells the story of Julie from Code Name Verity as a 16 year old, in the year before the war. Black Dove White Raven is set in Ethiopia where Em and Teo, children of stunt pilots are caught up in the Italian invasion of 1935. Firebird and White Eagles are again about WW2 pilots – Firebird in Russia and White Eagles in Poland. The Enigma Game is set in time between The Pearl Thief and Code Name Verity and features some characters from both previous books.

Added on 29th July 2020

Author Elizabeth Wein
First published 2012
Publisher Egmont Press, London, UK