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1001 Stories Collection

King Vikram Solves a Riddle

Added on 30th June 2020

Oral tradition Indian story

Difficult riddles and a clever king are told about in this Indian story.


Wise King Vikram solves a near impossible riddle.

Why we chose it

King Vikram was one of the stories in our original audio stories collection. These stories are particularly suitable for learning to re-tell.

Where it came from

King Vikram is a legendary king who was supposed to have lived in Ujjain central India around a thousand years ago. He appears in many Indian folktales. He is a kind of Indian equivalent of King Arthur, and is held in high esteem for his wisdom, fairness and grace.

Associated stories

There is a very famous set of 25 stories called Vikram and the Betal

(Vampire/Ghoul) sometimes known as The

King and The Corpse. The Betal attached itself to the king’s back and asks him a riddle story, if he answers correctly he is free. The king does, and survives the night, but the vampire returns the next night with a fresh story riddle!

Added on 30th June 2020

Oral tradition Indian story