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Added on 11th June 2020

Creator Valve Corporation
First released 2011

A first-person perspective digital puzzle game.


You wake up in a secret lab and must navigate yourself through a series of test chambers to escape. You are given a portal gun, which allows you to portal yourself to other areas of the chamber to solve the puzzle and escape. However, the lab is run by an evil computer called GLaDOs who changes the tests at her will and seems to have it in for you! You and your companion Wheatley must navigate the puzzles and defeat GLaDOs to escape.

Why we chose it

A game with a memorable story, a unique gameplay technique (shoot to portals to solve puzzles and a very interesting concept. We chose Portal 2 rather than the original Portal as it really builds on the story from the first game. Portal 2 features extended cutscenes between puzzles, impressive voice acting and a strong standalone plot – and plot twists! Play this game if you like puzzles and a laugh.

Where it came from

This is the sequel to Portal but with a much expanded story; Portal 2 takes place in the Half Life universe.

Where it went next

After the creation of the Co-op mode Valve concentrated on their hardware, digital download service (Steam) and battle royale games (Counter Strike, Dota) but did not develop more single player story-based games until they recently announced a new Half Life game to be released in 2020.

Associated stories

Half-Life (Valve, 1998)

Added on 11th June 2020

Creator Valve Corporation
First released 2011