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1001 Stories Collection

Stranger Things

1001 Stranger Things
Added on 28th August 2020

Creators The Duffer Brothers
First shown 2016, Netflix, USA

A creepy sci-fi horror for older teenagers set in mid-west USA conveys a strong sense of belonging and the search for our place in the world.


On the way back from playing games with his friends Will Byers goes missing. Refusing to accept that they won’t be able to find him his mother and his friends stage a large-scale search party and in the process discover a mysterious lab and a very special girl.

Why we chose it

Stranger Things has a compelling plot which is child centric but not child-like (this series has a 15 certificate) and deals with the usual growing pains of teenagers alongside conspiracy and the supernatural. The series also refers to popular culture from the 1970s and 80s, by doing so it celebrates the enduring power of stories and introduces new watchers to amazing older shows.

Stranger Things also demonstrates a new way in which people consume stories. With streaming websites there is greater control over how people watch TV. It can be watched all in one sitting, if desired, making it more film-like.

Where it came from

The Duffer Brothers began writing the script in 2015 when it was bought by Netflix.

Where it went next

The show has received several awards including six primetime Emmy Awards. By the third season 40.7 million households watched the show within the first 4 days – breaking records for Netflix.

Associated stories

Stories with similar themes include E.T, Stephen Spielberg, 1982, Ghostbusters, Ivan Reitman, 1984, The Goonies, Richard Donner, 1985, Sixteen Candles, John Hughes, 1984.

Added on 28th August 2020

Creators The Duffer Brothers
First shown 2016, Netflix, USA