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About Us

Alice's Day 4 July 2020

Welcome to our virtual Alice's Day! This year's theme is Picture This to mark 200 years since the birth of Sir John Tenniel, whose illustrations of Alice made him a household name. Browse our full programme of activities below.

Picture This with Chris Riddell, Saturday 4 July , 11.30
An incredible live-drawing event with the nation's favourite illustrator, hosted by Nicolette Jones.

Delve into the magical world of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with Story Museum Patron Chris Riddell as he guides you through Alice's adventures and reintroduces old favourites including the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts and Alice like you have never seen her before. Chris will also be revealing ‘Alice in Lockdownland’ inspired by your requests.

This event has now been and gone but you can re-watch the live drawing session on our Youtube Channel here. Don't forget to subscribe!


Return to Wonderland

What happens in Wonderland when Alice isn't there? More than 150 years since Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was first published, leading children's authors Piers Torday and Amy Wilson talk with Nicolette Jones about returning to Wonderland without Alice and imagining alternative universes - a timely tonic for these unreal times.

Watch the video from 10:00 on Saturday 4 July


Riddles with Peter Chand

Why is a raven like a writing desk? Lewis Carroll loved composing logic puzzles, riddles and nonsense poems. Join Story Museum artist-in-residence Peter Chand as he takes you on a journey through some of his favourite riddles and stories.

Click here for Peter's Riddles

Alices Day Museumof Oxford

The Picture This Challenge

Recreate one of Tenniel's famous illustrations from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass. The Oxford University Botanic Gardens are challenging you to create your own tea party using only items from plants and trees. Download the activity sheet. Or take a look at the Museum of Oxford's ideas using whatever you can find in your house. Download the activity sheet. And remember to share your pictures on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #AlicesDay #PictureThis

Lewis Carroll

Photographing Wonderland

Discover more about the real Lewis Carroll, find out about his work in Oxford, his interest in photography and more about the History of Science Museum's Lewis Carroll collections.

Alices Day Thaumatrope

Create a Thaumatrope

The Victorians loved optical illusions and nothing in Wonderland is quite as it seems. Make your own simple Alice-themed Thaumatrope with help from our friends at the Museum of Oxford and watch how two images merge into one!

Download the activity sheet

Alice Historyof Science

Challenges and Cheshire Cats

The History of Science Museum has plenty to keep you busy. Find out how to draw your own Cheshire Cat in six easy steps, then have a go at solving their fiendishly addictive Alice-themed puzzle challenges.

Alices Day Alice Shop

Spot the Difference

Something strange is happening when Alice goes shopping. When Alice first looks at all the things on the shelves they look one way, but when she looks again some things have changed. Download the activity sheets and see if you can spot the differences... (To see how well you did, you'll need to visit Alice's Shop for the answers!)

Picture This Spot the Difference Activity Sheet 1
Picture This Sport the Difference Activity Sheet 2

Lucy walters

Rhymes, stories and more...

Join Oxford Library on Facebook for a special Alice-themed rhymetime and an Alice's Day quiz.

Watch storyteller Lucy Walters as she shares Alice's conversation with the Hatter about how to handle Time

Find out more about the original Lewis Carroll manuscripts in Christ Church Library

Alicesday oxfordwaterwalks

Picture This Quiz and River Thames walk

Mark Davies, who runs Oxford Water Walks and is the author of Alice in Waterland and Alice's Oxford on Foot, has set two picture challenges. Test your local knowledge of Oxford and see if you can match the pictures correctly and you could be the lucky winner of a copy of Alice's Oxford on Foot. Click here to access Mark's challenge.

Alice Typhoidland

Alice in Typhoidland

Explore the past and present of typhoid - an invisible threat in Victorian England that killed paupers, princes and presidents. Take a tour of Oxford's murky underside with Alice Liddell as your guide and learn how doctors and engineers worked together to stop the spread of typhoid. Visit the website for an award-winning animation, games and resources from the 2020 exhibition at the Weston Library and the History of Science Museum.


Alice in Medieval Oxford

What is it about the delightful nonsense of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland that gives it a sense of timelessness? The story was famously woven on a boating trip from Folly Bridge to Godstow – a journey between two of Oxford’s best-known medieval landmarks, Christ Church and Godstow Abbey, passing by the original treacle well. Read the blog written by Dr Andrew Dunning, R.W. Hunt Curator of Medieval Manuscripts at the Bodleian Library.

Alice Tenniel Armchair

What would Alice do?

Lewis Carroll’s book emerged in a time of cholera and influenza pandemics. Through Victorian letters, diaries, newspaper clippings and more,find out how Alice can act as a remedy for the anxieties and disorientation of our current contemporary crisis. Coming soon on the Bodleian Libraries' You Tube channel.

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Curiouser and curiouser?

Looking for more Alice-themed resources? Here's a selection of links to more information and activities.

Cheshire Cat Chromatography with the Lightyear Foundation and Dr Sarah Bearchell

Highlights of the 1903 film of Alice in Wonderland from the BFI Archive

A short biography of Sir John Tenniel

Story Museum Patron, Dame Marina Warner's article Curiouser and Curiouser about Lewis Carroll's original illustrations as part of Tate Liverpool's 2011 exhibition on Alice in Wonderland