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About Us

Our People

Every ship needs a crew.

Staff and associates

Sarah Barnett, story guide
David Beidas, capital project manager
Shona Blake
, story guide
Katharine Clayden, assistant to the directors
Jessica Corfield, visitor services manager (volunteers and venue hire)
Joel Cornah, visitor services assistant
Avril Doyle, visitor services supervisor
Jill Draper, collections manager
Nomi Everall
, production manager
Sue Eves
, story guide
Hannah Floate
, cafe manager
Tish Francis, capital project director
Sarah Fussell, head of operations
David Gibb, communications manager (press & pr)
William Hunter
, visitor services manager
Emma Hegarty, fundraising coordinator
Sophie Hiscock, head of communications
Cath Hogan, story collections officer
Jumana Hokan, participation coordinator
Caroline Jones, Museum Director and CEO
Ruby Livesey, visitor services manager (retail)
Josie Lovick, story guide
Isabella Mead, head of learning & participation
Lisa Mitchell, senior exhibitions manager
Mags Parker, story leader
Kim Pickin, associate curator & founder director
Claudia Powell
, visitor services assistant
Maria Quantrill, finance manager
Karen Richmond, learning & participation officer
Aladin Seaforth, story guide
Anna Senior
, communications manager (marketing)
James Silk
, story guide
Beth Smedley, story guide
Elizabeth Vascenko, visitor services assistant
Lucy Webber, story leader
Connie Wells
, visitor services assistant
Rowan Wilkie
, story guide


Malorie Blackman
Cerrie Burnell
Kevin Crossley-Holland
Sir Nicholas Hytner
Sir Michael Morpurgo
Sir Philip Pullman
Chris Riddell
Dame Marina Warner


Brian Buchan (Chair of Finance & Audit Committee), Commercial Industries
Ewen Cameron Watt, Financial Services
Maggie Farrar, Education
David Fickling, Publishing
Tish Francis, Theatre and Cultural
Mike Heaney, Libraries
Caroline Jones, Cultural Sector
John Lange, Heritage and Digital
Andrew Ryan (Chair of Building Committee), Property and Design
Kate Sayer, Cultural and Learning
Tim Suter (Chair), Media and Communications
Shirin Welham, Media and Communications
David Wood OBE, Children's Theatre and Children's Books

Artists In Residence

Karl Nova (Poet)
Peter Chand (Storyteller)
Neill Cameron (Comic Artist)

We are also indebted to our enthusiastic team of interns and dedicated volunteers, whose support and enthusiasm make The Story Museum possible.