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Blue Sky Book Club

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Join us as a Blue Sky Book Club School!

An opportunity for selected students, especially those who encounter barriers to reading, to enjoy new stories and receive the latest books, and through this, raise their literacy and wellbeing.

  • What are Blue Sky Book Clubs?

We twin your school with one of our trained volunteer Club leaders, who visit the school every week throughout the academic year, gifting books and leading collaborative story-play with small groups of up to 10 students (30 over a year) whose literacy skills need an extra impetus, ideal for a post-lockdown world.

Formerly known as Lunchboox through the charity Bookfeast, these clubs have run for over ten years in over twenty schools, with outstanding impact evaluation.

  • Why have Blue Sky Book Clubs?

Children need stories, but the mechanics of reading can be a dispiriting process especially when the students know they are being assessed. Working collaboratively in small groups, in an alternative setting, offers an opportunity for students to experience the enjoyment of exploring a story.

  • How do they work?

Each term, the school selects 10 students from Years 5 and 6 and arranges a time and place for 8 weekly 30-40 minute sessions at school. In the first session, the Club Leader comes to school with 12 books that have been recommended by our network of specialists and Story Collections Team. The group collaboratively agree on 2 books they would like to read together, and subsequently every student is gifted a copy of each book. The Club Leader then runs a range of activities to deepen understanding of the story, through role play, games, discussion and craft.

  • What next?

Find out more in the downloadable link below and have a read to see if Blue Sky Book Clubs could be accommodated at your school.

When you’re ready to join us, send an email to [email protected] telling us your name and the name of your school, and we’ll talk further.

Download the Blue Sky Book Clubs information pack

  • Blue Sky Book Clubs PDF (503.174 KB)