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Schools & Groups

In-school and Online Sessions

We offer sessions both in-school and online, led by our Learning Team of experienced primary and secondary teachers.

To make an enquiry or book, please complete the form on the Enquiries & Bookings page, email or call us on 01865 790050.

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In-School Sessions

For Early Years to Year 6

A storyteller visits your school for a half day or full day. The Story Leader tells traditional oral stories from around the world and uses these as stimulus for students to create stories of their own, through collaboration and drama-based activities.

You can set the agenda for the day depending on your school's timetable and the number of classes you wish to involve. For example, the Story Leader could spend two hours with one class in which students develop a story together in detail or they could rotate classes with quickfire 20-minute story sessions. For EYFS we recommend sessions are no longer than 15 minutes.

We can offer in-school sessions to schools situated in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.

Storytelling Sessions

Choose from: Dreamers, Healers, Tricksters and Shapeshifters, all of which can be differentiated from EYFS to Year 6:

  • Dreamers: Stories for wellbeing, of wishes and dreams, including a turtle who wants to fly and a monkey who yearns for honey.
  • Healers: Stories for wellbeing, starring various Wise Ones who encourage hapless characters to see happiness and luck right in front of them. Stories will explore the five ways to wellbeing (connect, take notice, stay active, keep learning, give).
  • Tricksters: Stories for critical thinking. Devise puzzles, learn how to trick a dragon or overcome a crocodile.
  • Shapeshifters: Stories for critical thinking. Meet some shape-shifting characters, and in other stories, find out how animals came to be; why koalas love climbing trees; and why frogs have no tails.

Bespoke Sessions

We are happy to shape the content of the sessions to the themes of your creative curriculum, set text or scheme of work. Previous successful requests include a day of dragon stories, Alice in Wonderland, stories from Ancient Egypt and Tales from Shakespeare.

In-school sessions can take place between 09:30 and 15:00

Half day: £285+VAT+Travel
Full day: £440+VAT+Travel

"It has built their confidence to lead and take part in storytelling. It has shown them what great storytelling looks like. I have learnt some good tips on how to engage and involve children in an oral story - I will use this in assemblies." – Teacher, in-school session, May 2021
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Online sessions

For Early Years to Year 6

The storyteller tells two stories at the beginning of the day and sets a story-making task with accompanying resources. They then meet the class again - at the end of the lesson/day/week - to hear the students’ creations and tell a final story.

Choose from Dreamers, Healers, Tricksters and Shapeshifters, as described above, or request a specific theme relevant to your class.

All sessions can be adapted for Year 1 through to Year 6. We can meet up to four classes a day. For EYFS we recommend 15-20 minute sessions with no second sessions - these can be added to the costs below as complimentary sessions.

One class (30-minute story launch storytelling session, resources, and second 30-minute storytelling session): £95+VAT
Two classes (2 x the above): £120+VAT
Three classes (3x the above): £135+VAT
Four classes (4x the above): £145+VAT

“Each teacher said how engaged their children were with your storytelling – some were hanging off your every word! Your use of props inspired some children to incorporate them into their stories. There was great discussion around the characters and what they might be up to, particularly the ones around how animals came to have certain characteristics. We couldn’t find anything to improve on!” – Teacher, Zoom storytelling session, March 2021


  • Inschool and online sessions 2022 2023 PDF (1.346 MB)