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Schools & Groups

Learning Resources and Teacher CPD

On this page you’ll find our learning resources, which have been developed by our Learning Team.

Suddenly A Star

As part of National Storytelling Week 2021, The Story Museum presents:

Suddenly A Star
A new exciting five-episode audio production for families and schools...

Follow the fortunes of songwriter David after his band’s tour is cancelled and he’s forced to return to the family nest. As David and his mum learn to live together through lockdown, they reminisce about David’s childhood dreams and hopes, sharing a series of traditional tales along the way through music, song and storytelling.

Written and performed by award-winning writer Renata Allen and songwriter and musician David Gibb, Suddenly A Star weaves a galaxy of stories stretching back through time to the present day that’s guaranteed to leave you with music in your heart and stars in your eyes.

Presented over 5 days throughout National Storytelling Week (1st – 5th Feb) each episode is accompanied by a free learning resource for creative lesson plan ideas, for use in both the classroom or at home, created by The Story Museum’s Learning Team. For more information and to sign up please email

Nina with bear

If you’re looking for more information about stories, including the stories featured in our 1001 Stories collection, please visit our Story Resources page.

Learning Resources

Teachers are missionaries for story and we truly value the impetus they give for children to thrive. Find plenty of ways here to transform your classroom into a story-filled fantasia.

Teacher CPD

Click below to download details of our current Teacher CPD offers, including our New CPD on Stories for Emotional Healing, created especially for Covid times.

Schools sessions and CPD information pack

Download our resource pack below to gain familiarity with our learning sessions, helping you and your students gain the most from their visit and look back on the benefits.

'We really, really enjoyed the storytelling workshop. I tried the stories out on my 6 year old when I got home and it worked like magic. Amazing.'

School visit and CPD resources


Incredible Journeys

Incredible Journeys, created by The Story Museum with support from 14-18 NOW, tells stories of the First World War – from the point of view of six animals from all around the world! You can download lesson packs for each story, providing background context and teaching ideas for your class below.

Video links

Lizzie the Elephant
Ali Pasha, The Tortoise Who Travelled Far
Far From Home, Koala
El Shimla, War Camel
Spider’s War

Incredible Journey Resources

  • How to use the pack PDF (1.36 MB)
  • Introductioncredits PDF (1.307 MB)
  • Incredible Journeys Introductory Lesson PDF (2.072 MB)
  • Incredible Journeys Lizzie the Elephant PDF (2.963 MB)
  • Incredible Journeys The Tortoise Who Travelled Far PDF (4.398 MB)
  • Incredible Journeys Far From Home Koala PDF (2.723 MB)
  • Incredible Journeys El Shimla the War Camel PDF (3.093 MB)
  • Incredible Journeys Spiders War PDF (2.487 MB)
  • Incredible Journeys Compare and Contrast PDF (1.555 MB)
  • Incredible Journeys My Own Animal Story PDF (1.654 MB)
  • Incredible Journeys Further reading PDF (971.186 KB)
  • Incredible Journeys Glossary PDF (1.299 MB)