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Our Approach to Learning

Our Learning sessions aim to build on the power of students’ creativity, critical thinking skills and knowledge of story, and through this, to develop their literacy and wellbeing.

Our session planning and delivery is guided by the following principles:

Every session is based around a story from The Story Museum’s collection of 1001 stories and beyond.

The stories are selected to resonate with every child in the session. We don’t assume prior knowledge of a story, and all the stories have universal themes and characters.

Object-based, brave and resourceful
Sessions often include the use of objects, costumes and props. The objects act as stimuli for story, using free association and the power of the imagination.

Multisensory and experiential
We come up with unusual and imaginative ways to engage with story and allow the students to discover and explore for themselves. Learning intentions are articulated, but learning objectives are not.

Differentiated by outcome
The intended outcome of the session is open-ended and conceptual in order for all students to achieve it regardless of age or ability.

Seriously playful and collaborative
Enjoyable interaction between people forms the heart of the sessions, such as discussion, group-work, riddle-time and imaginative play.

We want to provide opportunities to continue your story with us for as long as possible. We’d love every child to leave with an idea for their own tale to continue to work on, or to have encountered a new art form or interest to pursue.

“For that half hour story, we were completely transported. Even students who cannot usually concentrate for that long were spellbound!” - Teacher, June 2019