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Schools & Groups

Teacher CPD & Adult Training Sessions

Our Teacher CPD and Adult Training sessions are designed to hone your storytelling skills and help you share your passion for stories.

Our Learning Team is comprised of early years, primary and secondary teachers with a combined 90 years' teaching experience in the classroom. They have created learning resources for the Art Fund and delivered CPD courses to librarians, teaching professionals and Museum sector colleagues across the country since 2016. Our CPD session has featured in the Cheltenham Literature Festival programme, and we have delivered sessions to staff teams based at places as wide-ranging as Saïd Business School, The Pitt Rivers Museum and dozens of state and independent primary and secondary schools. Since 2016, we are proud to have partnered with Oxford Brookes University’s School of Education to jointly deliver the BA Education Storytelling Pathway Module. From January to April 2023, we embarked on an extensive partnership with The National Literacy Trust's World of Stories Project, training 101 librarians across the country.

With the sample of 101 librarians attending 10 training sessions between January and April 2023...

  • 98% rated the CPD sessions excellent; 100% rated the CPD sessions very good or excellent;
  • 92% stated that the CPD sessions had enriched their practice greatly; 100% stated the CPD sessions had enriched their practice either greatly or very much;
  • 93% stated that the CPD session had boosted their confidence either greatly or very much.


Oral Storytelling

Oral storytelling is a transformative skill. Teaching professionals, Museum educators and librarians are the gatekeepers of story and have the power to fuel children with the motivation to discover and learn about the world. Through participative storytelling, call and response, discussion, role play and lively conversation, children gain eloquence and articulacy to explore their ideas and responses and become independent thinkers.

Using theory and practice from a range of ancient, modern and contemporary oral storytellers, this is an introduction to the art of oral storytelling. The Story Leaders will guide you to create that magic sense of collectiveness with you and your students through a story that only exists once, in this form, right now. The session introduces The Story Museum's vast collection of 1001 stories as a starting point for resource ideas.

Oral Storytelling for Early Years

An introduction to the art of oral storytelling specifically for 0-5 year olds. Practitioners will learn how to go beyond the book and engage with children on a whole new level. Oral storytelling can be the key to unlocking the fixed narrative of written stories allowing you to enhance children's cultural capital while underpinning your curriculum intent. Sessions are led by our Early Years Coordinator, Victoria Jones, who has over 20 years' experience in the Early Years sector and a passion for empowering our next generation to be active participants in their lives and the world around them.

Creating Narrative Environments

Discover how The Story Museum's original curators first created narrative environments and learn some key approaches to building a story-themed space in your own classroom or library. We will explore some simple and effective ideas placing an emphasis on the role of the imagination over budget!

CPD/Adult Training at your location
Price: £450+VAT for up to 25 delegates for a 3-hour session. This may be split into two twilight sessions of 90 minutes each. No travel expenses for locations in Oxfordshire.

CPD/Adult Training in the Museum (includes Museum entry)
£600+VAT for up to 25 delegates for a 3-hour session

Contact: [email protected] or call us on 01865 790050 to make a booking.

‘Oh my goodness, this was amazing. The CPD has ignited my love of storytelling again. The training was safe and non-intimidating , and had a great balance of teaching, modelling, storytelling and practical. Excellent tips for delivering stories in terms of action points and adding atmosphere and description.' - Delegate from Librarians CPD Training in partnership with National Literacy Trust, March 2023


Booking a visit, CPD or in-school session to The Story Museum? Why not extend your provision and embed your school with an ethos of learning through stories and creative play, and enable your students and teachers to flourish under the transformative benefits on literacy, creativity and wellbeing.

With an Epic Adventure, you will be able to give the whole school some Story Museum magic, through an in-school session with our Story Suitcases, Teacher CPD in Oral Storytelling for the staff, and a trip for two lucky classes. Not only this, we will curate a hand-picked selection of traditional oral stories, along with lesson plans, on a topic of your choice. You will also be given a free family ticket to The Story Museum – perfect for a school fete raffle or competition prize!

With an Epic Adventure, schools will have:

  • Two Day of Delight trips to The Story Museum
  • One in-school session of your choice
  • One Teacher Twilight CPD in Oral Storytelling for your staff cohort
  • A curated Story Resource Pack around a topic of your choice
  • One free family ticket to The Story Museum for up to six people - perfect for your school fete

All yours for just £1,200+VAT!

For more details, see the download below.


  • 2024 Epic Adventure PDF (674.719 KB)