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Story Shapers

Story Curators 2024-2025

Come and join us on our Story Curators course to learn how exhibitions and installations are created – from first ideas to fully built! Get hands-on with the museum’s professional Exhibitions and Production Teams to develop skills in curation, design and construction, working towards installations which will feature in our Galleries and Events Programme for all our visitors to enjoy.

Perhaps you already have an interest in design or making and want to take those skills to the next level, or perhaps you’re just curious about how exhibitions are created. Perhaps you’re keen to learn carpentry skills, or perhaps you’re fascinated by how we can tell stories visually by building worlds to step into. Or perhaps you are somewhere in between. Either way and every way, this course is for you!

The course runs on a weekly basis from September 2024 to July 2025, with some additional intensive days in the Easter Holidays and at the start of July. This year, participants will see their design and making work showcased in a specially commissioned, Lewis Carroll themed, pop-up touring installation that will feature in our 2025 Alice’s Day events programme – one of The Story Museum’s highlights of the year!

Weekly sessions on Tuesdays, 16:30-18:30 at The Story Museum

An open book with fairy lights in the background

Summer Holiday Workshops: Dreaming Up Dragons

Join us for four days of FREE, hands-on, immersive practical workshops for 11–16-year-olds at The Story Museum, exploring different ways to bring Dragons and their worlds to life. Working alongside theatre and exhibition designers and makers, you’ll be introduced to lots of different design and technical skills from miniature model-making, through giant 3D sculpture, to fiery special effects.

Bring your imaginations and clothes to get messy in. Come for a day - or even better - stay for them all!

Monday 19th August: World-building and Monster-making
Take a backstage tour of our new exhibition “Here Be Dragons” with some of the team who made it, to find out how story-worlds are designed and built. Then, inspired by what you’ve seen, try your hand at designing your own exhibition zone before going on to have a go at speed-building a giant junk-modelled, carnival-style puppet dragon.

Tuesday 20th August: Design and miniature model-making
Spend the day designing your own elemental dragon, from 2D on-paper design ideas to making 3D miniature wire-frame and clay models.

Wednesday 21st August: Costume & props design and making
Start your day learning costume and props design tips & tricks, along with exploring fashion illustration skills. Then get creative, messy and practical as we play with techniques to transform your 2D designs into 3D objects.

Thursday 22nd August: Lighting, sound and special effects
Spend the day in our fully equipped Woodshed Theatre learning how to use lighting, sound and special effects to bring your Dragons to spectacular, fire-breathing, rip-roaring life.

Days run from 10:00-16:00.

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