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In-Museum sessions

Image: Four girls in school uniform write in a book

Bring your class to one of our teacher-recommended workshops.  We offer reading, writing, storytelling and museum-making sessions for all ages and abilities.

For detailed information on our workshops please choose the appropriate page from the navigational menu on the left.

Please note due to our exciting redevelopment plans, in-Museum sessions will only be available until the end of July 2018

Explore and Engage

  • Take a safari through story habitats
  • Have amazing encounters with favourite animal characters
  • Use all your senses to explore and understand their worlds
  • Dress up and create your own awesome animal
  • Snuggle up with cuddly creatures for tales on our giant bed.

‘All the rooms filled the children with joy, excitement and an interest in books to last a long time.’ A teacher on a visit in 2015

‘My children have never written so much or so well.’ Year 4 teacher