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KS3 – KS5

KS3 – KS5 Workshops

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Trickster Tales: explore storytelling
Listen to the story of Anansi the Spider – discover how he outwits his opponents, – and use the same structure to create your own trickster tale.

Curious Creatures: explore character and plot
Explore the many different roles animals play in stories, from kindly critters to brutish beasts.  Discover the techniques used by the authors in our exhibition, and use these to create your own animal character. Leave with a whole story plan.

Writing the Wild: explore language
Delve into the descriptive language used by our featured authors to bring their animal creations to snarling and purring life. Develop these devices into a lively poem about a creature of your choice.

Animal Allegories
Examine the political cartoons and writing such as Animal Farm and Maus, and create a satirical scene from a ‘Royal Wedding’ in which famous public figures are portrayed as animals. Consider their status and viewpoint to choose appropriate caricature creatures.

A Team workshop, children in audience. Pic Ed Nix, copyright The Story Museum 026A Team workshop, children in audience. Pic Ed Nix, copyright The Story Museum 029

Story History:  Workshops that look at text in the context of Oxford’s rich story history

Oxford Fantasy Writers
Take a Wonder Walk through Oxford to see the places in the city that inspired the city’s most famous writers. Choose three authors from C S Lewis, J R R Tolkein, Lewis Carroll and Philip Pullman.

Fabulous Foxes
800 years ago Oxford scribes were capturing the world’s oral tales, many of which featured animals such as foxes. Enjoy the varied portrayals of this cunning creature – from Aesop’s Fables to Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox – and be inspired to write your own Fox in Oxford story.

AWalmsley-StoryMuseum-September2015-lowres-148 AWalmsley-StoryMuseum-September2015-lowres-147