The Story Museum has launched its 1001 Stories Quest. Click here to find out how you can help us reach our happy ever after...

1001 Stories Quest

Story Ship illustration

Whether it’s a search for buried treasure, a challenge to rescue a loved one or an accidental adventure, the quest has always played an important role in stories.
Now, The Story Museum has set out on a quest of its very own, but we need your help!

A Founding Fellow
For a minimum donation of £1001 Fellows will have their name hidden somewhere within the reopened Museum and will receive a limited edition print by Story Museum Patron Chris Riddell, plus an invitation to an exclusive preview of the newly-redeveloped Museum spaces.

A Story Collector
For a minimum donation of £100.10 Story Collectors can preview our online 1001 Stories Collection and leave a personalised dedication against a story of their choice, as well as receiving preview invitations and news on the project.

A Story Seeker
For a minimum donation of £10.01 become part of the adventure and receive the latest news and updates on the project.

We are embarked on an exciting £6million Quest to create a fantastical place where you can experience 1001 of the world’s greatest stories in many great ways. From 2020 our Transformation will include 10 amazing new spaces to explore and enjoy: a Whispering Wood, a Treasure Chamber, an Enchanted Library…

We invite you to join our Quest and help us unearth the final £300,000 of treasure as we voyage towards are happy ever after.

Click here to step aboard the ship and make your donation