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The Pumpkin

Host our travelling Pumpkin for a fabulous school Story Quest!

Watch our 55 second trailer here to see what The Pumpkin looks like…

Hobbits and Dragons

Early Years, Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1
Enter a Dragon Cave and find a mysterious, outsized egg… Incredibly, it will hatch – into a baby dragon!

Your children will discuss the magical process of the life cycle, as well as deciding how to look after the dragon and keep him entertained, before joining in with interactive storytelling from captivating picture-books featuring dragons. With songs, games and themed craft activities, this session is sure to be a hit with your class.

KS1 Sessions  (30-60 minutes)
Step into a Dragon Cave for some traditional oral dragon stories which reflect Oxfordshire’s broad cultures and heritage.

After an interactive storytelling session with puppets, costumes, multisensory props and lots of joining in, the students learn to retell the story and then create their own dragon story to tell, considering character, setting and plot structure.
Our spellbinding stories include tales from:
•    England (St George and the Dragon)
•    Wales (The Mabbinog – The Red Dragon and the White Dragon)
•    Poland (Smok Valvelski)
•    Romania (Stan Bolovan)
•    China (The Four Dragons)

KS2 Session (60-90 minutes) and KS3 sessions (60 minutes – 180 minutes)
Enter our Pumpkin, which metamorphoses from hobbit hole to dragon cave and several other places along the way!

The session begins with oral storytelling of the wondrous worlds of Middle Earth. Students join in, taking the parts of orcs, elves and trolls and getting involved with a range of interactive, multisensory activities including story sacks, puzzles and puppets to relive a little hobbit’s adventure to find gold.

The storytelling follows with a literacy workshop, based on the invention of a new goodie or baddie in the tale. Choose a drama, speaking and listening or written outcome

Pumpkin tent in snow

Technical details
The Pumpkin is a custom-made bell tent, which can be installed on a grass space within your school grounds (9m2) where it will transform into a hobbit hole, a dragon cave and a myriad of other magical worlds.
The Pumpkin can be hired for a single day or for 2, 3 days or 5 days, enabling the whole school to benefit from sessions. Each session can accommodate up to 35 children.

For details of pricing and how to book click here.